I'm fine. Everything's fine.

Oh, our Kellie Rose. Where do we begin? Introduced to professional entertainment at just 12 with Disney, Kellie Rose only knows action. A short stint acting on BBC in London gave her first hand industry experience, as well as the self awareness she wasn't ready for the big time, full time. Kellie Rose wandered the globe and her mind and eventually settled in Seattle, WA taking personality courses through SPG while working in real estate.

In 2017, KR took a leap with her music, quit her corporate position and dove into building a new career. In 14 months, Kellie Rose built a thriving music business focused on live performances, vocal coaching, and songwriting. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, KR took her cultivated skillset into the consulting world.

Kellie Rose is now a contracted Online Persona Coach with a startup creative agency based out of Seattle, WA and is independently releasing new music.

“Kellie Rose engages with her vocals, which build and accelerate to pull you in and along as she sings about being fine when you actually are anything but. 
’I’m Fine’ is what we say when we don’t really want to talk about our true thoughts and emotions, so it is ironic that it is through that phrase that KR truly does express herself here. The energy of this track makes it stand out and worthy of notice. ”


— Travis Erwin (LA on Lock Blogger)

Kellie Rose is back with a brand new single titled “I’m Fine” featuring Jake Crocker.

The song is epic, to say the least. KR’s vocals soar over Crocker’s huge production. You’ll hear crisp melodies from KR glide on the swelling synths and bombastic drum fills. This is truly a match made in heaven when it comes to a vocalist and producer complimenting each other’s styles seamlessly.


— Cole Holland (Respect My Region)